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Gnome Print 'King Cunibert the Ist'

Gnome Print 'King Cunibert the Ist'

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The Pitztal valley is a beautiful Place in the Austrian Alps. It is very romantic and mysterious. The little Gnomes live there and Humans don’t even know about that. Gnomes are quiet helpers for Human people except Ingeburg my friend and me. At one time King Cunibert the 1st took a night walk thru his little Kingdom, after a while he got tired, sat down on an old tree trunk, and fell asleep. The birds twittering woke him up, he jumped to his feet, that is what he thought was jumping in his old age, and left for home. He lived under the tens fern shrub on the left side right after the broken cedar tree. Suddenly, he noticed that he had forgotten his scepter, his “Stick of Power”, the sign of his authority. Even though he was very tired he walked back to the old tree trunk, but his “Scepter” was gone. In panic, he ran to his home under the fern shrub on the left side right after the broken cedar tree. And he did not believe his eyes. There was his Scepter leaning on one of the fern leaves. It was one of his subjects, who found it and brought it to the Kings home instead of keeping it. Would he have done so, he would have been king. This little story proves what wonderful creatures the Gnomes are of the Austrian Alps. They are never seen because they work at night and when the work is done they disappear.

This is King Cunibert a very lovely and good hearted man.