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WorkshopIt is a great pleasure, to show my paintings to fellow artists and collectors of fine art. I was born in the beautiful little town of Leoben/Austria. My artistic talents were inherited from my father. They were enhanced living overseas for many years with my husband in Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa, the Far East, Singapore, Europe and the United States. Living in three different continents formed my talent and sharpened my eyes to beauty and nature. Water color paintings of flowers and landscapes are my great love it harmonizes best with my personality.

In Houston I started painting portraits in water color, oil and pastels. I was fortunate to be able to study with well known artists like Jose’ Perez, Lajos Marcos and Daniel Green. They taught me their techniques so I was able to create portraits with sensitivity and expressiveness.


My paintings were shown in exhibitions in Houston, Texas; Mexico City, Mexico; Beziers, France. In the "Botanical Garden", the "Palmenhaus" in Vienna, were I exhibited Orchid paintings. Further exhibits followed in the "Town Hall" in Murau and at galleries in Leoben, Austria; etc.


  • "Flowers, Wonders of Nature", 2003 by Watson & Guptill in New York.
    ISBN 0-8230-1853-9
  • "Stimmungvolle Landschaften", 2007 by Christophorus Verlag, Stuttgart
    ISBN 978-3-332-01960-5
  • "Portraits in Aquarell", 2008 by Christophorus Verlag, Stuttgart
    ISBN 978-3-419-53650-6

Many of my paintings were published over the years by "UNICEF", by "KINDERDORF HILFSWERK" and "ANOART".
Erika Just - erikajust@gmx.at

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